Initial Installation & Setup: What to Expect

Upon arrival for setup or first site visit, a technician will scout for ideal camera placement, making considerations for power, mounting, theft and safety, and signal strength.

Typically a spot is chosen that will be out of reach from arm’s length (accessible via ladder), or on a rooftop or raised second floor/platform with secure access to prevent tampering. Because a power outlet is needed to power the system, running a power line may be arranged ahead of time or during a first site visit/consultation.

Occasionally a first visit may act as a location scout if any special mounting, power, or networking is needed to be first addressed before install can occur. 

Installations may last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the complexity of the install, and how many camera’s are to be setup. There are many different mounting methods depending on the mounting location using a variety of specialized hardware fasteners or clamping systems to affix the components of the system as a secure vantage point.

A location which is secure (not publicly accessible) yet still easily accessible for servicing at any given day through the duration of the build is ideal. This is for any servicing needs that may arise which will allow a technician physical access to the camera as it was installed.

In some cases the camera may need to be moved after a while if the view becomes obstructed by the build, or the main action becomes focused elsewhere. This is another consideration that will need to be discussed upon install to better plan. Essentially, the greater detail that is provided with regards to the future action the camera is set to capture, the more optimal and efficient the service will be.