Automated Content Creation for Construction Business' Brands & Builders

We’ve seen a lot of interest lately from clients wanting to have a greater social and web presence. With the connection making opportunities for cultivating new client leads and customers, content creation is in demand; It has become more important to the success of failure of a brand’s image, while also slowly becoming a preferred means of networking and communication, whether we choose to embrace this fact or not, it’s out there. At the core of all this ‘new media’ is content. Content is the fuel, face, feeling and message behind the communication of brand and business culture; It helps to tells your audience the story of what you’re all about. Staying relevant in today’s day and age means publishing more content; Demanding more original content at a more consistent pace if you want to keep ahead of the curve.

Of course this leaves some choices to be made for building out brand image and cultivating a presence of this nature. So what are the options? Well, depending on the type of content you’re looking to have created, be it more on the spectrum of very expensive high end commercial content, vs. lower cost content (with power) in higher frequency and quantity. Depending on the nature of your brand and business this will generally mean your own balance between the three (quality, quantity and frequency). So what are the some of the main options then? Hiring full time employee(s), sub-contracting to content creator(s) of some sort, or outsourcing this task to an advertising agency just to name a few. In most cases this tends to be a time consuming and/or costly endeavour whatever your approach.

With our all-inclusive job site visualization packages we offer an excellent solution, that offers a great balance of cost, quality, quantity and frequency for creating original timelapse video content; With many other great features and benefits when it comes to documentation and progress management for business’ in the development and construction industries. We’ve blurred the lines a creating a specialized workflow involving some cutting edge imaging technology fully operated and managed on-site, all directed and managed under the watchful eye of a seasoned timelapse photographer and content producer.

Our unique timelapse content solution allows for the on-going creation of content, where live projects can be visualized in real time, streamlining the capture, production and publishing of engaging content. Useful for plenty of applications for marketting, documentation, monitoring, and project image archival; It’s so much more than just content creation, in the build and construction industry it can offer many further benefits, making it a game changer for checking off multiple boxes.

Let’s make some comparison’s in terms of cost’s between the different content creation options as mentioned above.

Comparing Costs of Professional Content Creation

Average Annual Cost of Content for Marketting/Advertising/Social for small to medium size business

So to summarize everything, our Live Build PRO service offers a very new and exciting method on created content based for your business’ live builds & projects.

Please inquire today to see how we can design the perfect package for your job needs. Proudly servicing the Toronto & GTA.