An All-Inclusive Long-Term Timelapse & Video Production Service;
Creating Stylistically Original Build Videos & Polished Project Films.



The Mysterious Art Of
Long-Term Timelapse:

Timelapse is the primary process or method in which use to visualize a project site, and ultimately provide the array of features and benefits that come with our unique service. Through this, we’re able to produce some pretty original project build video’s and timelapse films.

Our long-term time lapse productions are a skilled art, offering strategic planning, deployment, and management of purpose built construction camera imaging technology.

The success of long term time-lapse is dependant on the expertise and experience behind producing the technique. It takes a lot more than just having the right hardware. It’s a full-time operation, requiring on-going care, maintenance and monitoring to keep everything running smoothly.



Timelapse Capture & Creation
Our Integrated Service

When it comes to long-term timelapse capture, our full-service platform provides everything we need to safely and strategically capture and produce timelapse films and project videos.

The Live Build Pro system’s documents the progression and effects of time passage through the capture of hi resolution images from our fully integrated, operated and managed timelapse cameras.

This platform not only allows us to acquire and monitor our timelapse productions but also safely backs-up all the captured images to the cloud. From this we can use all the captured images to put through our professional timelapse-post production workflow and assembly.



Timelapse Post-Production
Our Time Tested Workflow:

Our workflow is a specially crafted process from 10 years of timelapse creation experience. Starting with curating through the entire image set, through multiple passes of image filtering, we create a sequence that’s free of problematic frames causing inconsistencies.

This base timelapse sequence is now colour corrected to look its best, then run through some final exposure corrections and de-flickering to smooth the luminance curves of the sequence for seamless playback.

Our final image sequence is processed into video files. It’s with these processed timelapse sequences a final timelapse film is edited together from multiple angles, paired with music, titles, or any captured footage; Crafted & formed into a final polished project video.



Some Recent Build Videos & Timelapse Films: