The Live Build Pro Difference: Service, Equipment, Expertise, & Artistry under one Roof.

So Why Live Build? Our Differentiator

At the core, Live Build was created out of a stream of endless inquiries for long-term timelapse requests from a previous business focussed on video production that specialized in producing high end content for brands, business’ and professionals, this is what’s at our core, and ironically what we find most clients come to use for. Of course, achieving the mastery and high end quality of video in the world of our subject matter’s spanning months or even years, we had to not only put together the other pieces of the puzzle to achieve this, but make sure they were also top of their game.

A fusion of premium services and multi-industry expertise in one full-service offering.

Thus, after month’s of work in building out a fully fledged solution to take on these opportunities and teaming up with some great minds, cutting edge technology partners and service providers, Live Build was born, a hybrid production company that fuses together smart technologies, timelapse and video production, and practical experience and knowledge of the construction industry and how job sites function into a fully featured all-inclusive service, all together under one roof. We are unlike any other business in this regard.

At the core exists the care and excellence the for artistry and nuance of good timelapse creation and engaging build videos. This is where we’ll excel, this is the big picture, which is in most cases the main objective. Of course, as a business with the aims of creating stellar long-term time captures and producing it into short watchable timelapse films spanning a few minutes, we have high demands and standards for everything else that follows; a lot of other things must be in place as well.

We don’t sell any Cameras or Hardware, We sell full-service solutions:

Most other timelapse solutions you’ll find online are just selling you a single camera system or the hardware itself, we don’t sell hardware or camera’s the system this is just a very small piece of the big picture. We offer a full solution, with managed on-site timelapse capture, a feature-rich client cloud platform, and in house professional post-production. That’s where we excel; At Live Build, we are not selling you a timelapse camera system, we don’t sell cameras. We are producers, we are experts and consultants of the best way to achieve you goals based on your budget, and we offer all the services. We have many different systems from the best suppliers and the best service techs to best suite your application and project specs.

The Catering Metaphor, and Understanding What it Takes to Create the Big Picture

Think of it this way, if for example, you were tasked with feeding a crew of 100 people burgers and fries, would you go out and buy 100 hamburgers and a very large sack of potatoes? Only to realize you don’t have a the place and people to prep the food, a means of cooking the food, a team of people to run such operation, or a place for every one to eat it, not to mention a team of servers to serve it, or for workers to clean it all up. Instead you would probably just hire a catering company, right? In this metaphor we’re a lot like the catering company. Here’s a more to the point metaphor, if you wanted a custom Picasso piece painted in your home, (assuming he was still alive and available for hire) would you go out and buy the paints and supplies? Or would you try to hire the man himself. You see we care about the on-going process, and the end objective, and have the skills to execute, as it’s how the business was formed.

Long-term timelapse production takes not only great tech, durable tech, but knowledge of how to keep it running in all sorts of environments, power, networking, on-going care, tweaking, monitoring, and maintenance that all requires specific expertise and knowledge. So don’t think twice about paying the large fee’s for construction camera’s as you’ll still only have a small piece of the full puzzle! We understand what it takes to capture your job professionally, and we’ll stay on top of it! So instead, give us a call or shoot us an inquiry, and we’ll consult with you and take care of it.