Our Construction Marketing Solutions are leading the way through Automated Content Creation & Polished Timelapse Video Production

Marketing & Advertising for Construction and Developments is found to be the Primary Objective for most client requests:

We see clients request our services for a variety of reasons. A common objective, being for the purposes of documentation and monitoring as this in and of itself is super helpful for clients, developers, project managers, and site supervisers. However, by far our number one request for our full-service construction camera and timelapse film production for clients, construction companies, developers, townships, and municipalities is with the primary objective of marketting, advertising, and showcasing the on-going visual progression of their project builds.

Our Construction Camera Timelapse Systems and Automated Solutions:

Our construction camera timelapse systems, paired with our on-site service offerings and stellar in-house post-production allows us to offer our clients some pretty impressive and cutting edge pieces of content to market and advertise. It provides an endless stream of both ready made timelapse video’s from the on-going image feeds, as well as high resolution images of the project to easily and quickly download as read made marketting materials. Great for various channels such as web, blog posts, newsletters, email updates, social media, use it in your presentations, sales pitches, trade shows, or anywhere you would use visual content to enhance your brands image.

Multi-use Features at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Advertising Agencies:

Gathering content for the construction and development industry can usually come to cost some pretty substantial prices from large marketing agencies. This is why our service offerings are so unique, not only are they interesting and functional, but high end, on-going and most importantly at a fraction of the cost of generating content through traditional advertising agencies. Furthermore, our Live Build systems supply many other features and benefits to many key people involved with the build. Then when the project has been completed, through the procurement of an on-going stream of high quality images (such as our systems create) we’re able to create even higher quality Timelapse films and Build videos as the perfect assets for above mentioned marketing advertising channels. Inquire today for a custom quote for your project, build or development of any size!