Service Cost Breakdown

The goal of this article is to provide some insight into the many elements - hardware, software and service wise that encompass our all-inclusive packages in terms operation, management and post-production.

Such as outlined in our article Long-Term timelapse vs. Regular Timelapse, we can understand that long term timelapse poses a set of extra considerations and variables to overcome as compared to timelapses of shorter durations.

These are main considerations such as

• Weather & operating temperatures,
* Theft & Security
• Mounting & Installation
• Power & Battery Backups
• Capture Intervals & Scheduling
• Dedicated Networking/Wifi Access
• Remote Monitoring & Data Backup Redundancy Plan

Thus, a different approach to this kind of work is taken, generally requiring different types of systems that are optimized for long-term deployment and off-site system monitoring. 

As such we overcome these challenges and offer some extra incentives and features in a cohesive, well thought out, powerful service platform for long-term timelapse capture, job site documentation and remote monitoring. An all-inclusive solution, so you never have to worry about a thing! These offerings and solutions are billed as an initial setup fee and monthly service subscription fee.


One-Time Cost:

To make sense from a business standpoint, there is a minimum cost of entry in order for the service to be economically feasible on our end. Since the systems are built to run and function over a longer-period of time, there is an upfront fee in place to help offset the many costs of the system as a new install such as the required tools, time, travel, man power, expertise and account activations; This one time cost also covers the initial base cost for the professional post-production timelapse assembly and editing (that happens in studio upon build completion).  There is setup involved both physically on the job site and off site in connecting the back end platform to communicate with the timelapse or surveillance camera(s).

The services associated with the initial setup cost are as follows:

• Consulting / Location scouting
• Mounting, & Installations
• Account setups and activations
• Testing & system verification
• Breakdowns upon completion
• Professional Timelapse Post-Production Base Cost


On-Going Service Costs:

The monthly fee's are based upon the on-going services required for the system to function. The services associated with the monthly fee are as follows:

• Gear Rental (mounts, cables, camera(s), modem, etc)
• Dedicated 3G/LTE Network Service & Data
• Client Cloud Platform (remote viewing, timelapse generation, email notifacations)
• Cloud based data backup/storage
• Daily remote service checks and monitoring (to ensure system health and proper image capture)
• On going maintenance, operation and service visits.
• Additional Professional Timelapse Post-Production

Most of the above is self-explanatory, there's the monthly rental costs of the system and required hardware itself as a starting point. The system needs internet access to connect it online and function. As such included and installed is a dedicated mobile network connection just for the camera(s).

Now that the system is online it uses a cloud based storage service where the images are uploaded online to the cloud where they are securely backed up. From this we are able to use the client cloud platform where you, as the client will be able to access the cameras. The client cloud platform will allow you to view the camera, download images, automatically generate timelapse videos for download and compare images of your build from different dates. 

Furthermore, as a main part of the monthly service cost, there is going to be daily remote service checks on our end to make sure the system and camera's are functioning at full health and capturing images properly. If anything happens to malfunction we'll promptly know and fix the problem. Camera's can become obstructed by external elements (spider webs, dust, etc) tampered with, or need to be serviced. Not only will we spot any system problems or errors if they arise, but visit the job site to service the system as a part of being an all-inclusive service. 

Lastly, there is the additional post-production services and work required in the final editing and assembly of the timelapse, as each month passes. So this is also accounted for in the monthly cost, as the longer the duration of the build, the more images, frames and post-production work is created in assembling the final timelapse edit.

Here’s a chart showing the specific cost breakdowns for the monthly cost of our all-inclusive service:

Monthly Cost Breakdown