What is Job Site Visualization?

What is Job Site Visualization?

"Job Site Visualization refers to the on-going capture, monitoring, tracking and documentation of a physical site throughout the process of a project build.”

This provides a broad insight into some of the more specific process’ that encompass the term. Meaning, Job Site Visualization itself is an umbrella term that encompasses the many forms and outcomes of “visualizing a job site”. 

If we break down the term a bit further we can gain a deeper understanding of its meaning. The “Job Site”, a busy, on-going, multi-faceted, growing, physical area. Always changing and evolving over time into an intricately refined marvel of modern day advancements, systems, and engineering uniting together as one.

It’s this characterization or understanding of the job site as this elusive process of the birth or manifestation of modern day infrastructure that we aim to visualize in a way that can provide enhanced insights; Through a platform allowing us to see a project build in the past, present, or through time.

We as a service business aim to capture, document, record, and produce polished visual content to provide enhanced insights, and engaging documentation of the construction process. Through our full-service application to job site visualization we are able to offer many useful benefits and advantages throughout the process and completion of a build.